Magoos is not just any old Bar, we are involved in a local projects and things within the community that we are passionate about, information and links below.

Riverside Counselling Service

Riverside Counselling Service is a local counselling service for young adults. Magoos help support the service by giving them a space upstairs, free of charge, to sit and talk within the non licensed area of the building. It has been named ‘The Space’ and people between the ages of 12-20 yrs can use this service.

Music on the Meadows

Music on the Meadows (MotM), in conjunction with the support for Riverside Counselling Magoos help raise funds to support the service by running a bar at the MotM event every year on the Mill Meadows, Henley on Thames. This is a fantastic event that allows the youth of Henley to showcase their musical talent by performing on the Band Stand down on the River. It’s an all day family event that is becoming more popular every year. Next year, 2016, it’s on July 16th and if the weather is with us again it will be a musical feast, come join us.


The last Wednesday of every month sees Magoos supporting the youth of Henley, again. In 2015 the youth centre in Henley was closed down and the land sold. One lady who helped run the centre was Maggie Atkinson. Maggie came to Magoos and asked if we could help by allowing the kids to come and hangout in the Vault, just for one night a month between the hours of 6-9pm. We agreed and it was named acoustic@magoos because it was aimed at the musically talented children of Henley, which there are many. It is a great platform for the kids to meet and rehearse, a lot of the kids rehearse for the big show at MotM. It has been growing since 2015 and now we have a monthly event where kids from all around the town come to listen to their friends and generally hangout in an area they feel wanted and safe. The event is monitored by 2 or 3 mentors who are safeguard trained as well as the Magoos staff, obviously we have no licensable activities going on in the Vault while we entertain the kids. But, you should see the excitement on their faces when they get to perform on a stage with lights and everything, and how their social skills are growing off the internet and in an all new environment. We feel privileged to be able to facilitate this for the kids of Henley. Checkout some pics to see how the kids get on.

Mini Magoos

For the last five years we have run a toddler group every summer from May-August, on a Thursday morning from 10am-12pm. It’s a great way for mums to meet and for the pre-school kids to let off some steam. We have a large Tiny Tikes play area in the garden shaded by our beautiful Magnolia tree, and a variety of toys from crafting to educational. If the weathers bad we have the Vault with under floor heating and soft play mats throughout. Click the following link to see some photo’s, see you in 2016.


Every Wednesday morning between 7am-8am the Vault is occupied with Yoga with Kara. The morning class has been running for over a year now, it is for all stages from beginners through to experienced. For more info see Kara’s page or for a peek into the class click here.


Starting January 2016! Jennifer is a local Salsa teacher and will be taking classes on a Monday
evening to inspire Henley with a little Latin fever.