We’ve listed some information that we regularly get asked about…


How do I book?

For Bottomless Pizza BOOK HERE.
To book a table for drinks BOOK HERE.
To enquire about an event BOOK HERE.
For all other booking enquiries please CONTACT US.

Why do you need my card details?

We take card details to reserve your table but do not charge for booking. However, there is a £5pp no-show fee.

Do I have to book?

We always recommend booking as we can get quite busy, especially on the weekends or on our bottomless brunch deals, but if you don’t have a booking and come in, we will try our best to fit you in.

Can I book just for drinks?

Absolutely! We take table bookings for drinks from 5-10pm. Click here to book for drinks.

How long do I get for my booking?

The time of your booking is not limited, please specify in your enquiry your desired length of stay and we can hopefully accommodate. For Bottomless Pizza tables, the designated timeslot is 90 minutes, however, if we do not have another booking on your table, you are more than welcome to stay until we do!

Can I book outside?

You can book tables of up to 6 people in our garden.

If the weather is bad, can I move inside?

If you book outside, we might not be able to guarantee you a spot inside if the weather isn’t great and we are booked up. Keep an eye on the forecast and you can amend your booking if you need to make any changes!

Can I drink at the bar?

Our bar is open to customers, you are more than welcome to join us for a drink at the bar. However, if it does start to get busy, you may be asked to relocate to prioritise people ordering drinks.


What is the maximum number of people I can book for?

For bottomless brunch, the maximum table size is 8 people to make sure you have the best time and get plenty of cocktails.

For other types of booking, you can book online for up to 8 people from Sunday-Saturday. We do have limited tables for larger bookings so we recommend booking in advance if you can! To enquire please fill in the form here and a member of our team will be in touch.

We also accommodate for private hire – please look in our booking tab to enquire about booking the vault or garden.

Can I book two tables?

You are welcome to split your group across two tables, we cannot guarantee you will be sat near each other – however, if you make a note in your booking that you are booking two tables for a group we will try to be accommodating.


Which cocktails are included in Bottomless Pizza?

If you book for Bottomless Pizza, we will provide you with a menu that lists all the cocktails included in the offer – which is almost all our cocktails! Including prosecco and selected beer.

What is the last booking time for Bottomless Pizza?

The last Bottomless Pizza slot you can book is 8pm.

How long do I get?

All Bottomless Pizza bookings get 90 minutes, regardless of the table size or time booked.

Do I need to pay/upgrade in advance?

If you have booked for Bottomless Pizza, you don’t need to pay in advance. We take card details to secure your booking but payment is not taken unless there is a no-show. You will pay for your experience and any additional supplements or dishes when you order your first cocktail and pizza.

Does the whole table need to participate?

To keep things simple, we ask that the whole table participates in the Bottomless Pizza deal. Non-alcoholic mocktails and our non-alcoholic beer are available as options for those who prefer not to drink.

Can I bring children?

Due to the presence of alcohol and nature of our bar, we cannot allow under 18s to take part in Bottomless Pizza or to join a party doing Bottomless Pizza.

ID’s and age restrictions

Can under 18s visit?

During the day, everyone is welcome to Magoos for good times! However, we kindly ask that under 18s are accompanied by an adult and under 18s are only allowed into our premises until 9pm everyday.

Due to the presence of alcohol, we cannot allow under 18s to join a party doing Bottomless Pizza.

This policy is subject to management discretion.

Do you check ID?

Yes, we do check ID if you are buying alcohol or shisha or entering after 9pm. We follow the challenge 25 policy, so if you look under 25, we will ask you for ID.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to provide ID. If you are not able to, we can refuse sale of alcohol, irrespective of your age.

We check IDs for validity to ensure that IDs are not false. It is a criminal offence to use a false or borrowed ID to enter licensed premises or to buy alcohol with a maximum penalty of £5000. If you are caught using a false ID, your ID may be seized and you may be reported to the police.

What ID should I bring?

We can accept Passports or Driving licenses (including provisional) as proof of age.

We cannot accept photos of your ID.

What is the dress code?

We understand that this is a difficult rule to set, which is why we try to keep it simple. We ask that our customers arrive smartly dressed whilst keeping it stylish. However, our security and team members do have discretion on an individual basis. We advise against wearing sport or gym tracksuits. Dress to impress and ready to party.

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